Apr 11


Throughout history, the big breakthroughs have come from somebody having the inspiration and the courage to change the logic. Big ideas that are now familiar to us like evolution, the solar system, geometry, microelectronics, social networking. Sure the first idea isn’t usually perfect, and may not be the survivor (Friends Reunited? MySpace? Betamax?) but it’s the first idea that opens the door, that increases our space in the world to think and create. Funny then how attached we are to using the same old logic to solve problems in the workplace.

An outdated HR policy isn’t fixed by changing a 40 to a 37 when it needs to be changed to a Qⁿ(x/3). Or ditched altogether in favour of aligned objectives and engaged staff. Those reluctant citizens who just won’t cooperate with government policy may need listening to rather than badgering. Once you know their logic you may be able to affect it, but as long as The Solution ignores the way they see the world it is unlikely to achieve its aims. And of course customers – they have their logic too. All the questionnaires in the world probably won’t tell you the real reason they don’t buy your products. But working with them on changing the logic might give you a way forward.

So you get where I’m coming from. The old tricks we all learnt in our early years in the workplace may not be the best ones for the problem at hand. If you’re still reading then chances are you are one of the people who is able to change the logic, who can be open minded enough to imagine a different way of solving the problem. Good for you. Just the word different is enough to put the majority off so you are now ahead of the game.


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