Jan 14

Changing the Logic at Conferences 2pm 15th Jan

Are your conferences fresh and appealing to your target audience? Is it maybe time to shake it up a bit? Try this if you have a spare

This year, Synthetron is taking part in the FRESH13 conference in Copenhagen this Monday and Tuesday. FRESH13 is THE hybrid conference about the latest in meeting format and can also be joined on line, for a fraction of on-site registration

Go to the FRESH13 website and use your discount code FRESH13_Synthetron_ClientDiscount-50% to pay LESS THAN €50 to join on-line. This includes an inclusive hybrid experience from Synthetron on Tues Jan 16 at  2pm.

You can register and experience what the FRESH team is doing for the FRESH hybrid conference: filming, web-casting, on-line interactions, on-line hangouts, on-line use of the mobile app, on-line brainstorm, etc.
The on-line FRESH program is a chance to learn; not only from the FRESH speakers, but also from the way the on-line participation is designed: very FRESH! This goes above and beyond just watching: besides the standard interaction via Twitter we have the SpotMe app and a co-creation session via the Synthetron software, both globally accessible. Professionally guided by on-line moderators, with a few on-line break-out groups and more!
Discover all these new ways of on-line inter-activity now.

why FRESH? “Driven by the need to demonstrate value, by financial pressures, by regulatory compliance and by new technologies, changing meeting formats may be one of the toughest but most important objectives meeting organizers face. When organizing a meeting or conference, you need to understand what tools you have available and how you can use them. And the most impactful tools may be meeting formats.”

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