Aug 15

Changing the Logic: Simplification

How many times have you heard people moaning about the complexity of modern life? The choices, the PIN numbers, the restructuring, the emails, the texts…

Clearly we can’t manage all this by just doing more and more. We need some breakthrough ideas that allow us to breathe now and then, take inspiration, be brilliant, enjoy life… all the things that can get crowded out by complexity. As much in our personal lives as our business lives.

Now top business leaders around the world are putting their heads together to consider this challenge. Don’t miss out. Contact catherine@changingthelogic.com to register for this live online event. 11am (UK time), 13 Sept 2013.


How can businesses make sure they operate legally, responsibly, efficiently – without logging up the workforce with multiple layers of hierarchy and authorisation levels.

Here are some quotes on the topic from recent Synthetron strategic brainstorms in top international companies this year (note that all of these quotes have achieved at least 40% support from the company employees) :

  • We are trying to do too many things and they are not well structured together
  • We all share the feeling of overload
  • The risk is we lose momentum and leadership so we cannot grow and transform the business
  • There’s a risk that issues are looked at in isolation without understanding the wider context


  • We need to free up time for real value creation in doing business with our customers
  • We need to act, not just react
  • We need to create simple solutions for complex customer needs
  • Politicians acknowledge the need to downsize conventional production while building a modern infrastructure


So what are the big ideas in this area that can cope with the increasing regulation we face in 2013? Cellular structures? Revert to local? Devolved responsibility?

Here are some of the suggestions we have seen coming up during 2013s discussions

  • I will start to appreciate innovative solutions and fresh approaches¬†
  • I will consider our overall strategy in our day to day work
  • Improve the speed of communications and decision making
  • Give business managers control of their own resource to ensure they are aligned with growth aspirations.
  • Have the guts to make the tough decisions that have been overshadowing us for months
  • Be prepared to stop doing some things

Got a contribution to make?

[important]If you are still reading, chances are this is an area that affects you and that you are keen to do something about. If so, then you are just the kind of person we would like to invite to our online strategic discussion on this topic. With the safety of anonymity, top business leaders from around the world will be putting their heads together to identify the key barriers and opportunities around simplification in 2013. Don’t miss out. Contact catherine@changingthelogic.com to register for this live online event. 11am (UK time), 13 Sept 2013.[/important]

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