Sep 22

Open plan brains? Sep 25


An open office supports effective collaboration, learning, networking and (last but not least) saving costs

– that´s what supporters of this office layout claim. The opposite school of thought argues that an open office is not an efficient working environment.

open plan brain

A recent survey with managers and other professionals shows that 53% favour a personal office to do their work. In the case of difficult intellectual work as many as 65% state that they do it at home.*


Is effective brainwork supported or inhibited by an open plan office? Or does it just depend on the type of work? What can we do to make open plan work well? There’s lots of stimulating material on this topic here

Do you have a point of view? Join our live on-line debate – 4pm UK, 5pm Europe, 11am EST – where experts from around the world will co-create a point of view. Just click here to join


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