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  1. Refugee work presentation — December 6, 2019
  2. NXL at The Funding Network — December 6, 2019
  3. Community Fundraising Video — December 6, 2019
  4. Changing change — August 16, 2018
  5. The power of not knowing — September 13, 2017

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Dec 06

Refugee work presentation

Dec 06

NXL at The Funding Network

Dec 06

Community Fundraising Video

Looking Up in New Cross from Artmongers on Vimeo.

Aug 16

Changing change

I was asked this morning – as I often am – to recommend reading materials on change management. I though for a moment then decided to go for a swim and reply later. Out in the warm sea, relaxed and at ease, I realised my answer was to not recommend reading. How many of those …

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Sep 13

The power of not knowing

When I was about 8 and on the beach while holidaying in Wales, my father took me to one side for A Talk. I was immediately on the defensive, sure that I was being misunderstood. Again. I dug my flip flop into the sand, feeling the dune grass scratching my toes. He tried to explain …

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Jan 17

Colour my creativity

A case study about making conscious colour choices in a pre-school daycare facility The first thing that struck me about Kate and Cher when I talked to them about the nursery they were planning to open, was how strongly they cared about the ethos of what they were doing. They are passionate about offering a …

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Sep 01

Growing your leadership

I was asked recently for my top tips on this topic. Over the last 30 years I have had the chance to observe and work with many very senior leaders in large organisations. And, equally validly, leaders of very small community and not for profit organisations. Leadership can exist almost anywhere. The person who steps …

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Jun 26

Your True Colors

Do you know that the colour of underwear that you are wearing will affect your personal power? And of course the colour of your logo, your front door and your website. Now you do, you might be curious to find out how to get these factors working for you. In my book ‘Your True Colors’ …

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Mar 08

Changing the Logic on philanthropy

  While attending an event at the London Stock Exchange (thankyou Rosa!) this morning for International Women’s Day I got to thinking about how we decide to donate. For years charitable giving was, for some, a power play. A way to show greater success combined with a benign attitude towards the needy. The Lady Bountiful …

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Feb 07

A day in a refugee camp

  The strong wind has whipped sand into the air and darkened the sky. It is cold today and everybody is arriving stamping their feet and rubbing their hands together. Of course it is not cold like winter in Northern Europe, but the difference is we are equipped for it there. The thin metal buildings …

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