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Dec 06

NXL at The Funding Network

Dec 06

Community Fundraising Video

Looking Up in New Cross from Artmongers on Vimeo.

Jan 17

Colour my creativity

A case study about making conscious colour choices in a pre-school daycare facility The first thing that struck me about Kate and Cher when I talked to them about the nursery they were planning to open, was how strongly they cared about the ethos of what they were doing. They are passionate about offering a …

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Mar 08

Changing the Logic on philanthropy

  While attending an event at the London Stock Exchange (thankyou Rosa!) this morning for International Women’s Day I got to thinking about how we decide to donate. For years charitable giving was, for some, a power play. A way to show greater success combined with a benign attitude towards the needy. The Lady Bountiful …

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Feb 07

A day in a refugee camp

  The strong wind has whipped sand into the air and darkened the sky. It is cold today and everybody is arriving stamping their feet and rubbing their hands together. Of course it is not cold like winter in Northern Europe, but the difference is we are equipped for it there. The thin metal buildings …

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Jan 10

Everything is…

Everything is relevant. And everything can be challenged. That is my premise for how I approach my paid work, my voluntary work, my socialising… in fact my whole life. A few months ago I found myself sitting in a room in a refugee camp in the Middle East. There was a circle of us (I …

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Dec 10

Art and wellbeing in adversity

This article first appeared onexpatsinbiz.comm Catherine’s story in a nutshell: I have travelled extensively throughout my adult life. 70 countries and counting. Mostly for work. Many of them are beautiful, others I can cross off the list and won’t be going back to. All of them have taught me something and some have changed my …

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May 05

Why I hate teams and love collaboration

When I worked in a large corporate, being a team player was definitely considered to be a Desirable Attribute. It always came up in annual appraisals, I always scored well and I always felt a bit of a fraud.   Because the thing is, I don’t enjoy teams. I didn’t enjoy them in netball at …

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Mar 05

Fresh constructive thinking on gender

Communicating underpins our advances in civilisation. First came spoken language, then writing and printing. Now the internet, and its hard-to-ignore offspring – internet 2.0, offer us an unprecedented opportunity to share ideas, co-create solutions and accelerate both our connectivity and our ability to solve problems. Of course it’s easier said than done. Chatrooms can feel …

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Nov 02

Sunflowers for Change

New Cross may only be known to you as one of the places where the traffic gets snarled up on its way out of London. But this SE corner of Zone 2 is also home to a vibrant, extremely diverse community, Goldsmiths College and a growing trend of community action. As well as the volunteer …

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