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Jan 17

Colour my creativity

A case study about making conscious colour choices in a pre-school daycare facility The first thing that struck me about Kate and Cher when I talked to them about the nursery they were planning to open, was how strongly they cared about the ethos of what they were doing. They are passionate about offering a …

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Feb 05

Changing the logic on Membership: The 5 top reasons why it’s difficult to appease members

Last year, members of FNV (the Dutch worker’s union) gathered at an FNV Allies conference and, contrary to all expectations, voted against a proposition to merge. This once again showed that it’s difficult to gauge the opinion of members, even if they are involved every step of the way. Why is that? Why do so …

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May 12

modernising organisational culture

  More and more often these days, the work I am developing with clients comes down to a central need to change the way they operate. Sometimes that is about what they do or make but much more often it is about HOW they carry out their business. During in depth customer research when asked …

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Nov 05

Changing the Logic: Stuff

There is something compelling about tangible stuff. So many of our aspirations are defined by it. A home. A boyfriend. A girlfriend. A promotion. An iPhone. A baby. A sportscar. We want stuff. We desire stuff. It’s been a driver of technological and economic progress for a while now.   Even though mostly what we …

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Feb 20

Changing the Logic: Libraries

I have observed a low correlation between people campaigning to save libraries and their likelihood of using them. Halfway through their vehement insistence on the preservation of the concept I ask when they last went to the library. This is not the point apparently. The library is a fine institution, enhancer of moral fabric etc …

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