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Jan 17

Colour my creativity

A case study about making conscious colour choices in a pre-school daycare facility The first thing that struck me about Kate and Cher when I talked to them about the nursery they were planning to open, was how strongly they cared about the ethos of what they were doing. They are passionate about offering a …

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Feb 07

A day in a refugee camp

  The strong wind has whipped sand into the air and darkened the sky. It is cold today and everybody is arriving stamping their feet and rubbing their hands together. Of course it is not cold like winter in Northern Europe, but the difference is we are equipped for it there. The thin metal buildings …

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Jan 10

Everything is…

Everything is relevant. And everything can be challenged. That is my premise for how I approach my paid work, my voluntary work, my socialising… in fact my whole life. A few months ago I found myself sitting in a room in a refugee camp in the Middle East. There was a circle of us (I …

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Dec 10

Art and wellbeing in adversity

This article first appeared onexpatsinbiz.comm Catherine’s story in a nutshell: I have travelled extensively throughout my adult life. 70 countries and counting. Mostly for work. Many of them are beautiful, others I can cross off the list and won’t be going back to. All of them have taught me something and some have changed my …

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Nov 02

Sunflowers for Change

New Cross may only be known to you as one of the places where the traffic gets snarled up on its way out of London. But this SE corner of Zone 2 is also home to a vibrant, extremely diverse community, Goldsmiths College and a growing trend of community action. As well as the volunteer …

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Sep 22

Open plan brains? Sep 25

  An open office supports effective collaboration, learning, networking and (last but not least) saving costs – that´s what supporters of this office layout claim. The opposite school of thought argues that an open office is not an efficient working environment. A recent survey with managers and other professionals shows that 53% favour a personal office to …

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May 12

modernising organisational culture

  More and more often these days, the work I am developing with clients comes down to a central need to change the way they operate. Sometimes that is about what they do or make but much more often it is about HOW they carry out their business. During in depth customer research when asked …

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Sep 06

Simpler explanations

From the inside it is easy to get excited about everything your product can do. You have tons of research, dozens of case studies or customer experiences, heaps of ideas… it can be hard to communicate clearly and simply to a brand new contact. That is exactly what Synthetron have managed to do though with …

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Nov 30

Changing the logic: SWOT to So What?

Hands up if you’ve done a swot (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. Did you enjoy it? Did you end up realising anything you didn’t already know? A common problem with teams carrying out a swot analysis is they fill up all the boxes with things they already know and then stare blankly at it. Unless …

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Sep 30

Changing the Logic: how?

It can be easy to do things the same way as yesterday. With so much on our plate, so many different things we are responsible for, make choices about and try to remember, autopilot can be a lifesaver. And sometimes a lifewaster too. As the familiar prayer tells us, we need the wisdom to know …

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