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Mar 08

Changing the Logic on philanthropy

  While attending an event at the London Stock Exchange (thankyou Rosa!) this morning for International Women’s Day I got to thinking about how we decide to donate. For years charitable giving was, for some, a power play. A way to show greater success combined with a benign attitude towards the needy. The Lady Bountiful …

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Jan 10

Everything is…

Everything is relevant. And everything can be challenged. That is my premise for how I approach my paid work, my voluntary work, my socialising… in fact my whole life. A few months ago I found myself sitting in a room in a refugee camp in the Middle East. There was a circle of us (I …

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Jun 03

Declutter your strategy

I have recently embarked on a de-cluttering process in my home. It has been frankly astonishing the amount of detritus my children and I have accumulated. So far 50 sacks of stuff have left the house. 10% to the trash, 20% to recycling and the rest redistributed via charity shops and the ‘Giving Wall’ system …

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Feb 06

Burn out?

Over the last 12 months I have noticed more and more reference to burn out in client projects. These have spanned various international entities – NGOs, professional membership organisations and international corporates in finance, retail, manufacturing and service delivery. There is a recurring theme, that the work place is getting busier and busier, the expectations …

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Sep 22

Open plan brains? Sep 25

  An open office supports effective collaboration, learning, networking and (last but not least) saving costs – that´s what supporters of this office layout claim. The opposite school of thought argues that an open office is not an efficient working environment. A recent survey with managers and other professionals shows that 53% favour a personal office to …

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Oct 03

Listening is the new managing

Neil Gaught & Associates have just launched crowdsourcing service LikeMIND powered by Synthetron. See this slideshare presentation to find out why, or go straight to the animations below. Telling people what to do just doesn’t cut it in our increasingly transparent world. Is your business a micro-democracy harvesting ideas and insights from all of your teams? …

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Aug 15

Changing the Logic: Simplification

How many times have you heard people moaning about the complexity of modern life? The choices, the PIN numbers, the restructuring, the emails, the texts… Clearly we can’t manage all this by just doing more and more. We need some breakthrough ideas that allow us to breathe now and then, take inspiration, be brilliant, enjoy …

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Nov 30

Changing the logic: SWOT to So What?

Hands up if you’ve done a swot (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. Did you enjoy it? Did you end up realising anything you didn’t already know? A common problem with teams carrying out a swot analysis is they fill up all the boxes with things they already know and then stare blankly at it. Unless …

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