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Mar 05

Fresh constructive thinking on gender

Communicating underpins our advances in civilisation. First came spoken language, then writing and printing. Now the internet, and its hard-to-ignore offspring – internet 2.0, offer us an unprecedented opportunity to share ideas, co-create solutions and accelerate both our connectivity and our ability to solve problems. Of course it’s easier said than done. Chatrooms can feel …

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Oct 03

Listening is the new managing

Neil Gaught & Associates have just launched crowdsourcing service LikeMIND powered by Synthetron. See this slideshare presentation to find out why, or go straight to the animations below. Telling people what to do just doesn’t cut it in our increasingly transparent world. Is your business a micro-democracy harvesting ideas and insights from all of your teams? …

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Sep 06

Simpler explanations

From the inside it is easy to get excited about everything your product can do. You have tons of research, dozens of case studies or customer experiences, heaps of ideas… it can be hard to communicate clearly and simply to a brand new contact. That is exactly what Synthetron have managed to do though with …

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Aug 15

Changing the Logic: Simplification

How many times have you heard people moaning about the complexity of modern life? The choices, the PIN numbers, the restructuring, the emails, the texts… Clearly we can’t manage all this by just doing more and more. We need some breakthrough ideas that allow us to breathe now and then, take inspiration, be brilliant, enjoy …

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